Inspiration to local attractions

Universe (formerly Danfoss Universe) is situated 4 km from Nørherredhus Hotel and offers lot of science attractions and educational experiences.

Gråsten Skovene

Enjoy a nice stroll in the Gråsten Forest. Here you will find big carp ponds, lakes and abundant bird life. In the Gråsten Forests there are more than 30 round and long barrows. If you start the trip from the parking area at Felstedvej you will pass Hjertehøj, the area's finest bronze age burial mound.


Nørreskoven on the east coast of Als is one of Denmark's longest coastal forests and famous for its tall, beautiful beech trees. Here you can walk along the beach in the shade of large trees that leans out over the water. You can meet deer in the woods, explore the many dolmens or enjoy your lunch at the picnic areas.

Baronens høj

In the northwestern part of Nørreskoven on Als you will find the well-preserved round barrow Baronens Høj. The mound is named after the former forester and baron Wedel-Wedelsborg.

In the middle of the hill, you see a well preserved dolmen chamber with a capstone. The mound is surrounded by approximately 30 boundary stones. The chamber was excavated in 1946 and here they found the remains of ornamented pottery vessels, among other things was given in offering to the deceased. The dolmen is dated to the Neolithic Funnel Beaker culture around 3,600 BC.

Høruphav strand

Whatever time of year you visit the Høruphav beach, you will have good opportunities to go for a walk and experience the special atmosphere. From the beach you have both view to Kegnæs with the symbolic windmills and the 'savannah-trees' that characterizes the area east of Høruphav beach called Trillen.


East of Høruphav you will find the nature area Trillen, which is a long sand spit with several small 'islands', surrounded by the Vælddam lake. The area has a rich bird life, which you can enjoy from the bird tower or when you walk on the paths to the beach. On the largest of the islands 'Store Trille/Big Trille' you can experience a jungle-like vegetation.

Around Trillen was in the earlier Paleolithic an attractive settlement and you might be lucky to find flint tools in the shallows.

Papirmuseets By is an 800 m2 large shop, set up like a town with streets, a café and paper museum. Time flies when visiting Papirmuseets By with lots of inspiration to create your own flowers, animals and art pieces in quilling / paper filigree.

For history buffs We recommend the Historic Battlefield Centre Dybbøl Banke! Feel on your own body how it was to be in the middle of  one of Denmark's history major military defeats.

When driving down the Als coast, you will see the place where the Prussians went ashore, and later took up large parts of Denmark. You still find many of the so-called "war graves" in the landscape on Als - places where Danish soldiers were killed in action.

The mill and granary is decorated with exhibitions that tell the story of Dybbøl as a national symbol and a remembrance for two nations - Denmark and Germany.

This restored mill farm from the 1750s, with watermill, pond and windmill, is idyllicallysituated by Vibæk, the holy brook on South Als. On activity days, daily life and use of implements from the old days is demonstrated. There are activities for children, and changing exhibitions in the watermill.

Castle, containing a regional museum, a renaissance church from 1570, knights' hall, historic collections illustrating Southern Jutland history after 1800. Emphasis on the Slesvig wars, Reunification, 2 World Wars, cultural history. Excellent collection of regional art.

Learn about the history of Tilting-the-Ring, see the president lances, the saddles and the reins, the beautiful trophies, the Lances of honour and the painting "Tilting Parade" by Fritz Carstensen.

Visit the Medal Corridor, the Protocol Room and the Document Room, where youjcan see different medals and ribbons and see who have won the titles of king, Crown Prince and Prince throughout the years. 

Denmark's largest sculpture park with a unique combination of art and nature. Take a walk in the park, see and touch the largest collection of outdoor sculptures in Denmark. Indoor you will find an art exhibition/gallery with works by well-known Danish and foreign artists, as well as a section of international graphics.

The ferry boat Bitten crosses the Als fjord every day between Ballebro in Jutland and Hardeshøj on North Als. The ferry boat sails from early morning to evening - twice per hour from each side. The trip takes about 10 minutes, time enough to a quick stretch of your legs and enjoy the view and maybe catch a glimpse of the many porpoises in the waters around North Als.

AlsFærgen sails between Fynshav on Als and Bøjden on Funen. The crossing takes 50 minutes. The ferry departs every two hours from 6:00 to 20:00 from Fynshav and from Bøjden also every two hours from pm. 7:00 to 21:00.