One of Danske Hotell's overall goals is to maintain the highest level of security for our guests, customers and employees. This is also true when it comes to the protection of personal data. With this policy, Danske Hotels wants to clearly and transparently map how Danske Hotels handles your personal information.


Danske Hotels operates 25 hotels in Denmark: Dronninglund Hotel, Hotel Søparken in Aabybro, Hotel Hjallerup Kro, Hotel Phønix in Brønderslev, Hotel Limfjorden in Thisted, Hotel Ringkøbing, Hotel Falken in Videbæk, Hotel Vildbjerg, Østergårds Hotel in Herning, Hotel Lynggården in Lind , Hotel Medi in Ikast, Hotel Årslev Kro in Brabrand, Golf Hotel Viborg, Hotel Juelsminde Strand, Hotel Norden in Haderslev, Hotel Dagmar in Ribe, Nørherredhus Hotel in Nordborg, Hotel Vissenbjerg Storkro, Hotel Menstrup Kro, Hotel Vinhuset in Næstved, Hotel Ansgar in Esbjerg, Hotel Kryb i Ly Kro in Fredericia, Hotel Postgaarden in Fredericia and Hotel Bymose Hegn in Helsinge.

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Thor Pedersen is a data protection consultant at Danske Hotell. He is helpful with all personal data-related questions and can be contacted on tel. 3132 3324 or

Danske Hotels performs all handling of personal data in accordance with applicable law.

As a hotel business, Danske Hotels provides a wide range of services. There are separate terms and conditions for each service.

When you submit your personal information to Danske Hotels when you order one or more of these services, you also consent to the processing of your personal data by Danske Hotels.


Danske Hotels collects personal information in the following way:

  • When you choose to buy and / or request one of Danske Hotell's services
  • From people who act on your behalf
  • In the B2B market. For example, in a sales situation where an offer is requested for one of Danske Hotell's services and / or a cooperation agreement is requested.
  • Via browser cookies and web beacons
  • In connection with the use of Danske Hotell's digital services
  • By signing up for Danske Hotell's bonus card and when you subscribe to Danske Hotell's newsletters
  • From social media, advertising and analytics providers, and public records
  • The collection of personal data and the processing of these data will be carried out at all times in accordance with the law
  • TV surveillance is set up as a security measure for employees and guests. The monitoring will, as a starting point, take place at the hotel entrance, in guest and staff areas at reception and bar as well as at the delivery of goods. 

What information does Danish hotels collect?

Among other things, Danske Hotels collects the following personal information:

  • Name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth and other general personal information
  • Credit card information
  • Demographic information
  • Purchase history, including the use of Danske Hotell's app and / or other digital services
  • The use of Danske Hotell's bonus card
  • Feedback through our customer surveys
  • Feedback through physical and online competitions
  • Feedback on social media and other digital platforms
  • browser Information
  • Information about your company and relevant contacts.

You may, at your discretion, choose to provide Danske Hotels with personal information in addition to the general personal information that you consider may be important either for security reasons and / or to allow Danske Hotels to tailor the service specifically for you. 

It can for example. be information on:

  • Handicap
  • Allergy
  • Special food preferences
  • Medical condition

If you choose to do so, Danske Hotels considers it at the same time as consent to be able to register and store this sensitive information on your customer profile.

In addition to receiving information from yourself, Danske Hotels will in some cases supplement our information with information that we have received from third parties, such as a group manager or a collaborator.

In these cases, it is incumbent on the third party to inform the guests involved about Danske Hotell's terms and conditions and this privacy policy. Similarly, it is incumbent on the third party to provide the necessary consent for the registration and processing of any sensitive information.


Danish Hotels uses the Danish Internet Payment System (DIBS in connection with your purchases of goods and payment by credit card. DIBS is approved and certified by the Banks' Payment System (

For bookings and bookings, Danske Hotels stores the information that you have provided for up to 12 months, after which the information is anonymized.

In addition to the execution of the order itself, the information provided will only be used if you, for example. contact you with questions or if there is a mistake in the order.  


Danske Hotels collects only personal information which is necessary for the purpose described in the separate terms and conditions for the service in question and in this personal data policy.

It is the individual service that determines both the personal information Danske Hotels collects and the purpose of the collection.

Danske Hotell's purpose for collecting personal data may be one or more of the following:

  • Processing of your reservations and purchase of Danske Hotell's services
  • Contact you before, during or after your stay
  • Fulfilling your service request
  • Improvement and development of Danske Hotell's services
  • Adaptation of Danske Hotell's communication and marketing to you
  • Analysis of your user behavior and re-marketing
  • Adapting affiliate communication and marketing to you
  • Managing your relationship with Danish Hotels
  • Compliance with legal requirements


The legal bases on which Danske Hotels bases the processing of your personal information are described below.

For example, Danish Hotels may process your personal information because it is necessary to fulfill a contract to which you are a party. This may be, for example, in connection with hotel stays, meeting arrangements and / or cooperation agreements.

Danske Hotels may also process your personal information in order to carry out certain actions and / or preparations for your request prior to the conclusion of a contract.

The treatment can also take place in order for Danske Hotels to pursue a legitimate interest unless your interest precedes it.

Legitimate interests pursued by Danske Hotels include statistics, customer surveys, interest-based marketing and analysis of general user behavior with the purpose of improving your benefits, your experience and the quality of Danske Hotell's services.

If you inform Danske Hotels about special preferences and considerations, such as health information, disabilities, religious beliefs or similar, Danske Hotels uses the information to customize that service according to your directions and your stay with Danske Hotels in general.

In some cases, Danske Hotels will receive personal information from third parties, for example in connection with a group booking and / or individual accommodation made by a third party - for example by an assistant or similar.

In these cases, the person responsible for the group and / or the reservation is required to inform the guests involved about Danske Hotel's terms and conditions and this privacy policy.

The processing of your personal data is further imposed on Danish Hotels by law. It is e.g. the case in connection with guest registration at check-in, which states in the legislation which personal information Danske Hotels is required to register.


Under the Personal Data Regulation you have a number of rights.

The rights are as follows:

Right to insight
You have the right to gain access to the personal data that Danske Hotels processes about you, and to receive further supplementary information in this regard. However, access may be restricted for the privacy of other persons, for trade secrets and / or intellectual property rights.

Right to rectification
You have the right to have corrected and updated the personal data that Danske Hotels has registered about you.

Right to delete
You have the right to delete the personal data that Danske Hotels has registered about you. If you wish to have your personal data deleted, Danske Hotels deletes all information that Danske Hotels is not required by law to store.

Right to limitation of treatment
In some cases, you have the right to have limited processing of your personal data by Danske Hotell.

Right to data portability
You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, so that you can include your data with another provider. It only includes the information that you have provided yourself to Danske Hotels and which Danske Hotels processes based on your consent or for the performance of a contract.

Right to objection
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. The right to object only applies in specific cases. Whether the right of objection applies depends on the purpose of the treatment at Danske Hotell, as well as the legal basis for the treatment.

Withdrawal of consent
If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent, which means that processing will cease unless Danske Hotels is required by law to process the personal data.

If you wish to exercise your rights, please send a request to

Danish Hotels will return with a response within 1 month after receiving your request. However, if the request is complicated, the response time may be extended by another two months. 

Danish Hotels will always inform you if the response deadline is expected to be longer than 1 month. You are also advised that, for security reasons, Danish Hotels must be able to verify your identity before your request can be processed. In this connection, Danish hotels can for example. ask for a copy of your driver's license or passport.

You may also contact Danske Hotels at if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations.

Danish Hotels may reject requests that are either unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical intervention (for example, developing a new system or substantially changing an existing practice), affecting the protection of others' personal information, or in situations where the requested action may be deemed to be extremely complicated (for example, requests for information that exist solely as backups).


When you apply for a position with Danske Hotels, the information that you have provided Danske Hotels in connection with your application is processed.

Typically these will be general personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, educational background information as well as information on current and past employment.

In connection with the recruitment process, Danske Hotels may request a copy of the criminal record and / or obtain references from previous employers. For both purposes, consent is obtained from the applicant.

Danske Hotels uses the information to assess whether Danske Hotels wants to offer you employment, and to communicate with you in connection with the recruitment process.

Only relevant managers have access to your information with personal passwords.

If you are employed by Danske Hotell, your information is stored in accordance with Danske Hotell's personal data policy for employees, which you will find in Danske Hotell's staff guide.

As a rule, applications from candidates who are not hired are stored for 3 months after the rejection is given. Danske Hotels obtains consent from the applicant to keep the application for longer than 3 months, if this may be relevant.

In some cases, Danish Hotels may also disclose your personal information if required by law, court order or applicable law.

If you want access to the information that Danske Hotels processes about you, either in connection with updating your information or because you want Danske Hotels to delete your information, you can contact Danske Hotell's data protection adviser via e-mail: thor @ or by phone 3132 3324.

You may object at any time to the fact that information about you is subject to further processing.


Danish Hotels protects your personal data and has adopted internal information security rules, which contain instructions and measures that protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure and access or knowledge of unauthorized persons.

To avoid data loss, Danske Hotels continuously backs up our data sets.

In the event of a security breach that results in a high risk of you being discriminated against, ID theft, financial loss, reputation loss or other significant disadvantage, Danske Hotels will notify you of the breach as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours after this has come to our knowledge.

Danske Hotell's security procedures are continually revised on the basis of the latest technological developments.

In order to provide the highest level of service, Danske Hotels shares selected personal information, among other things, at your request with external suppliers such as restaurants, hotels etc.

Danske Hotels also shares and discloses your personal information within the Group. The purpose of the sharing is to be able to provide the most optimal service to you, regardless of which hotel or department of the Danske Hotels Group you are applying to.

In some cases, Danish Hotels may also be required to disclose personal information in accordance with legislation or at the discretion of a public authority. 

Danske Hotels deletes your personal information when Danske Hotels is no longer required by law to store the information or when there is no longer a purpose for the processing.

All customer cards with personal data are anonymized in our booking system after 1 years of inactivity.


Danske Hotell uses cookies for Danske Hotell's digital services. Further information about our cookie policy can be found here.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints about Danske Hotell's processing of personal data, you can contact us in writing or electronically:

Danske Hotels A / S
Old Kongevej 102, 1.sal
1850 Frederiksberg
Att .: Thor Pedersen

Tel. 3132 3324
Email: thor @finishing

If this does not result in a clarification, a possible complaint can then be directed to the Data Inspectorate. The current contact address can be found at

Any changes to the personal data policy will be announced by the publication of new terms and conditions on Danske Hotell's website.

Date of last policy revision: November 4, 2022.